Commercial Solar

Hundreds of Australian companies are enjoying the financial, environmental and reputational benefits of cleaner commercial energy. Learn how much money Your Business could save with a Commercial Solar System.

What are your annual electricity costs?

Why Commercial Solar?

Energy Savings

Solar energy can deliver substantial savings over traditional electricity.

Cash Flow Stability

With solar, you can secure lower and more predictable energy costs than traditional electricity.

Tax Advantages

Many businesses that adopt sustainable energy are eligible for a variety of rebates and tax credits.


Solar energy can drastically reduce carbon emissions, water consumption and reliance on fossil fuels.

How Your Business Can Save With Solar

Rooftop solar systems are safe to install, easy to maintain and cause minimal disruption to business operations during installation.

Funding Your Commercial Solar System

Flexible Payment Options to Suit All Businesses

Capital Purchase

  • Purchase your system outright
  • The fastest avenue for immediate returns
  • Suitable to companies that prefer to own their own system that have access to low-cost capital
  • Customers who are eligible for the Instant Asset Write Off can double down on their investment returns

About Smart Commercial Solar

You’re in Good Company

We’re proud to serve some of Australia’s biggest and most forward-thinking businesses.

1,000+ Solar Systems Installed

We’ve delivered successful projects in every Australian state and territory.

Generation Guarantee

System performance is monitored 24/7. Faults are resolved fast. Reports are produced monthly.