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See how long it will take for a solar system to pay for itself. The calculator also allows you to compare a high quality photovoltaic (PV) system with a lower priced solar system and see the difference in payback time.


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Results based on Clean Energy Council recommended output for regions.

$0.27 per kWh
$0.12 per kWh


Your solar system will generate electricity all day. Your home consumption will sometimes be more than your system generates and sometime less. When it is less you will export electricity and potentially get a feed in tariff paid. Please estimate how much of your solar system generation will be consumed within your house vs solar electricity being exported.

60% used, 40% exported
Mostly at Home during day
Mainly use solar electricity
Mostly out during day
Mostly export and sell solar electricity


Average solar 1kW output for postcode 2000 : 1459.41 kWh
Estimated daily consumption : 16.44 kWh
Estimated yearly consumption : 6000.00 kWh
Estimated electricity price per kWh : $0.27
Estimated yearly bill : $1620.00
(without supply charge)

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Disclaimer: This calculator allows you to enter certain data such as your quarterly electricity bill and the average cost of electricity in your area. The calculator then also asks you to make assumptions about solar used versus solar exported during the day. This calculator is not to be seen as a precise tool. It is only providing an indication and demonstration of how solar electricity used versus solar exported works. The solar used versus solar exported varies depending on your own personal electricity consumption patterns. LG encourages you to discuss your energy consumption pattern with your chosen solar installation company to create the best solution for you having regard to your individual circumstances.

Please note these calculators are a guide only. Please verify the information obtained through these calculators independently. In compiling these calculators LG Australia (LG) has utilised available data from the Clean Energy Council and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. LG has used its best endeavor to ensure that the supplied calculations and information are correct, but LG takes no responsibility for any error or defect therein. LG Electronics shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use or reliance of any data supplied by these calculators.