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10kW Solar System Panels Only (24x440W JA Solar Bifacial)

10kW Solar System Panels Only (24x440W JA Solar Bifacial)

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Discover the best of both worlds with the JA Solar JAM54D40 440W panel, a cutting-edge solution for your home or business. This panel uses advanced bifacial N-Type TOPCon technology, which not only looks sleek but also harnesses sunlight more effectively. By capturing light from both sides and using a special technology to minimize energy loss, it maximizes energy output to an impressive 440 watts, ensuring that your power needs are met efficiently.

The JAM54D40's robust design includes a double-glass structure framed in black anodized aluminum, making it both attractive and durable enough to withstand severe weather conditions like heavy snow and strong winds up to 270 km/h (equivalent to 3600 Pa). It's engineered for easy installation with MC4-EVo2 connectors and boasts dimensions that fit seamlessly into various settings, from rooftops to commercial arrays.

With an efficiency of up to 22.8% and a low temperature coefficient of -0.3%/K, the panel performs exceptionally well even on the hottest days, which is ideal for keeping your cooling systems running without a hitch. Offering a 25-year product warranty and a 30-year performance guarantee, the JAM54D40 is not just an investment in solar energy—it's a commitment to reliable and sustainable power generation that also cares for your wallet with potential savings on energy bills. This panel offers a practical, stylish, and long-term solution for powering modern life.


Data Sheet: 440W JA Solar JAM54D40

JA Solar Warranties



  • 24 x 440W JA Solar Bifacial Panels (JAM54D40)


JA Solar Warranties

Extended Warranty Duration

JA Solar has extended the warranty period to 25 years from the standard 12 years. This extended warranty covers defects in design, materials, workmanship, and manufacturing that affect the module's functionality.

Geographical and Usage Limitations

The extended warranty is applicable only to modules used in Australian Rooftop PV Systems. Additionally, these modules must be CEC approved and CER SPV verified, ensuring they meet specific standards and verifications within Australia.

Exclusion Conditions

The warranty does not apply under certain harsh environmental conditions such as:

  1. Areas where the average monthly temperature exceeds 45°C or humidity surpasses 85%.
  2. Locations less than 500 meters from seawater, unless specifically approved by JA Solar.
  3. Sites exposed to acid rain or chemical pollution.
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