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Titan Solar & Antai

6.6kW Solar System (15 x 440W) Tin Mouting Kit

6.6kW Solar System (15 x 440W) Tin Mouting Kit

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The Titan Solar Rail and Antai Mounting Kit offers a superior, comprehensive solution for solar panel installations on tin roofs. Constructed from premium AL6005-T6 aluminum, the rails are anodized to ensure exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for both residential and commercial applications in diverse environmental conditions. The Kit is meticulously designed to facilitate a 6.6KW solar system, featuring robust SS304 stainless steel bolts and an anodizing surface treatment of 10um that significantly enhances weather resistance and overall longevity.

This kits are specifically engineered to secure solar panels efficiently while ensuring optimal alignment and stability. Additional components such as earthing clips and grounding lugs are included to ensure not only a secure mount but also optimal electrical conductivity and safety standards compliance. The packaging of the kit is designed for safe and compact transportation, reducing logistical challenges.

Ideal for solar installers seeking a high-quality, reliable mounting solution, this kit provides all the necessary components for a seamless, secure installation, promising long-term performance and minimal maintenance needs.



  • 8 x 4700mm (V2) Titan Solar Mounting Rail
  • 2 x Antai Tin Mounting Kits 
    • 32 x Tin L Feet
    • 28 x Earthing Clip
    • 28 x 30/35mm Mid Clamp
    • 16 x End Clamp 
    • 4 x T Universal Rail Splice
    • 4 x Grounding Lug


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