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6.6kw Solar System Panels Only (15 x 440W Longi Hi-MO6)

6.6kw Solar System Panels Only (15 x 440W Longi Hi-MO6)

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The Longi LNG-LR5-54HTH-440M/30 440W panel is designed for superior performance in both residential and commercial solar installations. Featuring advanced monocrystalline silicon cells, this panel boasts a remarkable efficiency of 22.5%, ensuring maximum energy output from a sleek, compact design. Each cell is treated with an anti-reflective coating and a micro-textured surface to enhance light absorption and improve energy conversion rates.

Built to endure extreme conditions, the panel is rated to withstand wind pressures up to 2400 Pa (equivalent to about 225 km/h) and snow loads up to 5400 Pa (equivalent to about 22.4 inches of snow). This resilience is underpinned by a robust 35mm thick anodized aluminum frame and an IP68 rated junction box, offering enhanced protection against environmental elements.

Furthermore, with a temperature coefficient of -0.290% per °C for power, the Longi 440W panel maintains high efficiency even in elevated temperatures. It comes with a 25-year performance warranty, assuring at least 88.9% of the nominal power output by the end of the term. This combination of high efficiency, robust construction, and long-term reliability makes the Longi 440W panel an excellent investment for those seeking a durable and efficient solar energy solution.


Data Sheet: 440W LONGi LR5-54HTH
LONGi Warranties



  • 15 x 440W Longi Solar Panels ( LNG-LR5-54HTH-440M/30)


LONGi Warranties

12 Year Limited Product Warranty

LONGi guarantees its solar panels will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 12 years from the warranty start date. This coverage is valid under normal application, installation, use, and service conditions, safeguarding the functional integrity of the panels.

25 Year Limited Product Warranty (Specific Conditions)

For the LR5-54HTH series, LONGi extends the product warranty to 25 years. This extended warranty specifically applies to panels installed on rooftops.

30 Year Limited Performance Warranty

Alongside the product warranties, LONGi provides a 30-year performance warranty. This guarantees that the solar panels will maintain a specified level of performance: the actual power output will be no less than 99% of the labeled power output during the first year. From the second year through the thirtieth year, the annual power decline will not exceed 0.4% per year. By the end of the 30th year, the panels are guaranteed to produce at least 87.4% of their original labeled output.

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