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BYD 10.2 kWh Home Storage Battery System (HVS 10.2) with Combiner

BYD 10.2 kWh Home Storage Battery System (HVS 10.2) with Combiner

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The BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS 10.2 - 10.24 kWh is a high-voltage energy storage solution tailored for residential and commercial environments where efficient power management and scalability are crucial. This model boasts a sleek and versatile design, measuring 1228 mm in height, 650 mm in width, and 298 mm in depth, making it a fitting choice for locations with limited space availability. It features a depth of discharge (DOD) of up to 100%, effectively maximizing its 10.24 kWh capacity for optimal energy utilization.

Equipped with advanced safety features, including over/under voltage protection, overcurrent protection, and temperature monitoring, the HVS 10.2 provides reliable and secure operation under diverse conditions. It supports a nominal discharge and charge current of 25A, offering substantial energy output capabilities. For example, it can power a standard refrigerator (200 watts) for about 51 hours, or various household appliances such as LED lights, a laptop, and a TV (totaling 300 watts) for approximately 34 hours. These performance figures may vary depending on the actual energy consumption of the connected devices.


Data Sheet: BYD HVS 10.2 kWh Battery
Warranty: BYD HVS 10.2 kWh Battery
Inverter Compatibility: BYD HVS 10.2 kWh Battery



  • 4 x BYD Battery Module (2.56kWh - HVS Series)
  • 1 x BYD Control Unit & Base (HVS Series)
  • 1 x BYD HV Combiner Box (HVS Series)


167kg (This is a heavy and bulky item, ensure there is suitable site access per our shipping policy)





Installation not included in price. For an installation quote, email


BYD Warranty

The BYD Battery Limited Warranty covers the Battery-Box Premium HVS series, including HVS 5.1, HVS 7.7, HVS 10.2, and HVS 12.8 high-voltage lithium iron phosphate batteries for 10 years, ensuring at least 60% of nominal energy retention or reaching the minimum throughput energy, whichever occurs first, under specified operating conditions. This warranty includes options for replacement, repair, or compensation for defects in materials and workmanship, provided the batteries are used and installed according to BYD's guidelines.

The warranty stipulates that the product must be operated in a normal manner as detailed in the accompanying manuals, and it specifies the operational boundaries such as the use of certified inverters and adherence to recommended installation procedures. Exclusions apply for damage due to improper installation, use with non-certified inverters, unauthorized modifications, and damages caused by force majeure events such as natural disasters.

This warranty is applicable to units purchased and installed in Australia, ensuring that the rights of consumers are protected under local consumer law regulations alongside BYD’s global warranty standards.


How to select and identify a suitable location to install your battery.


For additional information on Battery Energy Storage Systems, visit: Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council

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