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LG Energy 24 kWh (2x12kWh) Dual Battery Home Storage (RESU12-LV)

LG Energy 24 kWh (2x12kWh) Dual Battery Home Storage (RESU12-LV)

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The dual configuration of 2 x LG RESU12 LV (low voltage - 42 to 58.8V DC) batteries is an advanced energy storage solution tailored for residential applications. Featuring a total energy capacity of 26.2 kWh and a usable energy capacity of 23.4 kWh, it provides substantial storage for home energy needs. Its compact design, with individual battery dimensions of 452 mm width, 626 mm height, and 227 mm depth, makes it ideal for installations with limited space. The RESU12 LV emphasizes longevity and efficiency, with LG recommending a 0.3C charge/discharge power rate to ensure optimal battery life. This rate suggests charging or discharging the battery at 30% of its capacity per hour, which, along with careful temperature and state of charge (SOC) management, supports a robust cycle life of up to 6,000 cycles. As part of LG Energy Solution’s ESS Battery Division, the RESU12 LV stands out for its high-performance, reliability, and safety, making it a trusted choice for residential energy storage solutions.

Data Sheet: LG RESU12 12kWh Battery

Data Sheet: LG RESU Plus

Warranty: LG RESU12 12kWh Battery



  • 2 x LG RESU12 LV 12kWh Batteries
  • 1 x LG RESU Plus module 
  • 2 x LG Mounting Brackets


197kg (This is a heavy and bulky item, ensure there is suitable site access per our shipping policy)

Note: Installation not included in price. For an installation quote, email


LG Warranty

The LG Energy Solution Lithium-ion Battery Limited Warranty covers the RESU12 for 10 years, ensuring at least 60% of nominal energy retention or specified energy throughput. This warranty offers options for replacement, repair, refund, or compensation, providing comprehensive support for the battery. However, it excludes coverage for improper installation, use with incompatible inverters, and damages caused by natural disasters. The warranty is governed by Australian law, affording additional rights under the Australian Consumer Law, thus ensuring robust protection and peace of mind for consumers.


How to select and identify a suitable location to install your battery.


For additional information on Battery Energy Storage Systems, visit: Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council

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